• Chymistry
    CHYMISTRY, including the Use of FIRE, Water, Baths, Ferments, Menstruums, Furnaces, Retorts, and other Instruments ;
    to change Animal, Vegetable, and Fossil Bodies ; by inducing Fusion, Putresaction, Fermentation, Dissolution, Exhalation, &c.
    and hereby procuring Spirits, Salts, Oils. Acid, Alcaline, Aromatic, Urinous. Wines, Vinegars, Flowers, Calces, Crystals, Soaps, Tartars. Regulus, Magistery, Extract, Elixir. Ceruss, Minium, Litharge. Quintessence, Phosphorus, Alcahest, Philosopher's Stone, and the like ; by the Operations of Distillation, Expression, Cohobation, Sublimation, Rectification, Crystillization, Calcination, Amalgamation, Digestion, Precipitation, Vitrification, Fixation, Transmutation, and the like. ---- Arbor Diansæ, Aurum Fulminans, Artificial Earthquake, Magic, Divination, &c.