• Philosophy   ( 3 Articles )
  • Physics   ( 1 Article )
    PHYSICS, or the Doctrine of CAUSES;
    as Nature, Law, &c.
    Occasions or Means, as Principle, Matter, Form, &c.
    Their Composition or Constitution, in Element, Atom, Particle, Body. Chaos, World, Universe, Space, Vacuum, &c.
    Properties of Body, as Extension, Solidity, Figure, Divisibility, &c.
    Powers thereof, as Attraction, Cohesion, Gravitation, Repulsion. Elasticity, Electricity, Magnetism, &c.
    Qualities, as Fluidity, Firmness, Ductility, Hardness, Volatility, Density, Polarity, &c.
    Light, Heat, Cold, &c.
    Operations or Effects thereof, as Motion, Rarefaction, Dilatation, Condensation. Dissolution, Ebullition, Freezing, Evaporation, Fermentation, Digestion, Effervescence, &c.
    Vision, Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Smelling, &c.
    Modifications or Changes, as Alteration, Corruption, Putresaction, Generation, Degeneration, Transmutation, &c.
    Systems or Hypothecs hereos, Corpuscular, Epicurean, Aristotelian, Peripatetic, Cartesian, Newtonian, &c.----
    Occult and Fictitious Qualities, Powers, and Operations, Antiperistasis, Sympathy, Antipathy, Archæus, &c.
    Magic, Witchcrast, Virgula Divina, Ligature, Talisman, Cabbala, &c.
    Druid, Bard, Brachman, Gymnosophist, Magi, Rosicrucian, and the like.