• Logics
    LOGICS, or the Consideration of IDEAS or NOTIONS;
    Their Kinds, Simple, Complex, Adequate, &c.
    Disposition, into Classes or Categories, Predicaments, Predicates, &c.
    Their Composition, or Association into Axioms, Propositions, Problems, Theorems, Theses, Hypotheses. Arguments, as Syllogism, Enthymeme, Sorites, Sophism, Dilemma, Crocodilus. &c.
    Their Resolution, Definition, Division, &c.
    into Premisses, Censequences, Terms, &c.
    Their Truth, Falhood, Evidence, Demonstration, &c.
    Operations therewith, as Argumentation, Induction, Discoursing, Philosophizing, &c.
    Disputation, Distinction, Contradiction, Reductio ad absurdum, &c.