• Arithmetic   ( 1 Article )
    ARITHMETIC, including the Doctrine of DISCRETE or Discontinuous QUANTITY,
    viz. Number, Ratio, Proportion,&c.
    Kinds, as Integer, Fraction, Decimal, Surd, &c.
    Relations, as Root, Power, Square, Cube, &c.
    Rules or Operations thereof, as Notation, Numeration, Addition, Subtraction, &c.
    Reduction, Practice, Position, &c.
    Extraction, Approximation, &c.
    Instruments subservient thereto, as Logarithms, Nepair's Bones, &c.

  • Geometry   ( 1 Article )
    GEOMETRY,or the Doctrine of EXTENDED, or Continuous QUANTITY,
    viz. l°, Lines, Right, Perpendicular, Parallel, Oblique, &c.
    Angles, Acute, Scalenous, Vertical, Opposite, &c.
    z°, Figures, or Surfaces, Triangle, Square, Parallelogram, Trapezium, Polygon, &c.
    Circumstances hereof, as Perimeter, Area, &c.
    Operations relating hereto, as Bissecting, Dividing, Multiplying, Measuring, &c.
    Instruments used therein, as Compasses, Ruler, Square, Parallelism, Scale, &c.
    Curves, as Circle, Cycloid, Cissoid, Catenaria, Caustic, Evolute, quadratrix, &c.
    Circumstances thereof, as Axis, Diameter, Radius, Centre, Circumference, Absciss, Ordinate, &c.
    Arch, Chord, Sine, Tangent, Secant, &c.
    Instruments used herein, as Artificial Lines, Canons, &c.
    Operations arising herefrom, as Surveying, taking Angles or Bearings, &c.
    with Quadrant, Plain-Table, Semicircle, Circumferentor, &c.
    taking Distances, with Chain, Perambulator, &c.
    Plotting into Draught, Map, &c.
    with Protractor, &c.
    3°, Solids or Bodies, as Cube, Parallelepiped, Prism, Pyramid, Cylinder, Polyhedron, &c.
    Their Surface, Solidity, &c.
    Operations relating hereto, as Cubature, measuring of Timber, Gauging, &c.
    Instruments used herein, as Carpenters Rule, Sector, Sliding Rule, Gauging Rod, &c.----
    The Sphere, its Doctrine, Projection, &c.
    Application thereof, in Planisphere, Analemma, &c.----
    The Cone, its Sections, Ellipsis, Parabola, Hyperbola, &c.
    Their Asymptotes, Foci, &c.
    Their Construction, Quadrature, Rectification, &c.