ANATOMY, or the Analysis of ANIMAL BODIES, and their PARTS,
viz. Bones, as Cranium. Rib, Vertebra, Radius, Femur, Tibia. Sacrum, Pubis, Patella, &c.
Their Articulation, Apophyses, &c.
Muscles, Abductor, Adductor, Erector, Depressor, Deltoides, Sartorius, Cucullaris, Orbicularis, Sphincter, &c.
Their Tendons, Fibres, &c.
Vessels, as Artery, Aorta, Aspera, Trachea, Pulmonary, &c.
Veins, as Cava, Porta, Jugular, Carotid, &c.
Glands, as Pancreas, Parotides, Prostates, &c.
Nerves; Optic, Olfactory, Auditory, &c.
Lymphatic, Lacteal, Mesaraic, Mucilaginous, &c.
Their Valves, Tunics, Anastomases, &c.
Their Humours, as Chyle, Blood, Spirit, Seed, Gall, Urine, Milk, Sweat, Marrow, &c.
Membranes ; Pannicle, Cutis, Cuticula, Papilla, &c.
Venters, Head, Meninges, Brain, &c.
Eye, Ear, Pupil, Tympanum. Tongue, Teeth, Palate, Larynx, Glottis, Oesophagus, &c.
Viscera, Stomach, Lungs, Heart, &c.
Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Intestines, Bladder, &c.
Functions or Operations hereof, Respiration, Deglutition, Digestion, Chylisication, Sanguification, Circulation, Systole, Nutrition. Secretion, Excretion, Perspiration, Vo- miting, &c.
Genitals, Penis, Testicle, Clitoris, Matrix, Nympha, Hymen. Embryo, Zoophyte, Mole, &c.
Erection, Generation, Conception, Geslation. Delivery, Lochia, Menses, &c.

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