POETRY, including the Consideration of VERSE ;
its Measure, Feet, Quantity, &c.
as Hexameter, Alexandrine, Spondee, Iambic, &c.
Rhyme, Stanza, &c.
Compositions, as Epigram, Elegy. Song, Madrigal, Hymn, Ode, Pindaric, &c.
Eclogue, Satire, Georgic, &c.
Anagram, Acrostic, Burlesque, Macaronic, Leonine, Troubadour, &c.
Dramatic, as Tragedy. Comedy, Hilaro-tragedia, Farce, &c.
Parts thereof, Act, Scene, Protasis, Epitasts, Cataslrophe, &c.
Circumstances, Prologue, Epilogue, Soliloquy, Chorus, &c.
Laws, Unity, Action, &c.
Epic, its Fable, Hero, Machines, &c.
Characters, Manners, Sentiments, &c.
Personification, Proportion, Invocation, Episode, &c.
Iliad, Odyssee, Rhapsody, &c.

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