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in Medicine and Chirurgery, a Tumor arisingon divers Parts of the Body, and tending to Suppuration. See TUMOR, SUPPURATION, &c.

Abscesses arise from Colledions of peccant Humours in theinternal Parts of the Body; and are also called Imposthumes.See IMPOSTHUME.

Their Name Abscess comes from the Latin Verb abscedere, to depart, or remove to another Place; in allusion tothe morbid Humors being deriv'd from elsewhere.

in Medicine, an immature Exclusion ofthe Fœtus ; or the Delivery of a Woman with Child, beforethe legitimate Term ; popularly call'd Miscarriage. See DELIVERY, &c.

This may happen at any time of Pregnancy; but is before the second Month after Conception, it is properly call'da false Conception. See CONCEPTION.

We have Instances of Abortions by the way of the Mouth,the Anus, the Navel, &c. See FOETUS, EMBRYO, &c.

is Sometimes used among Medical Writersfor the Act of wearing away the natural Mucus which covers the Membranes, and particularly those of the Stomach and Intestines, by sharp corrosive Medicines, or Humors. See STOMACH, and INTESTINES.

something come before its due time, or before it has arriv'd at its Maturity and Persedion. See ABORTION.

F. Jerom Florentius has an express Treatise of the Baptism of Abortives, or abortive Children. His Aim is toshew that an Abortive may, and ought to be baptiz'd, atwhat Time or Term soever it come into the World ; by reason the precise Time when the Fœetus begins to be animatedis not known. There are several curious and uncommonThings in this Work, which is intitled Homo dubius, sive debaptismo Abortivorum. Lugd. i674. 4to.

Abluentia, in Medicine, a Name some Authors give to those Remedies, better known under the Name of Diluters, and Abstergents. See DILUTER, and ABSTERGENT.